Small Steps to Eco-Friendly

When I moved back to the states after a year as a missionary in Saipan. I realized how much STUFF I had that I really didn’t need or even use. I spent a whole day going through my room at home throwing things in piles of donate, toss, or keep. My toss pile was substantially large so I desired to donate more and more. I decided I wanted to live a similar lifestyle and am currently pursuing a minimalist lifestyle. After finding different blogs and Instagram’s dedicated to minimalism. i also discover zero waste lifestyle, from Trash is For Tossers Instagram page. She had reduced her waste to fit in a mason jar, which seems unreachable and frustrating at first. I didn’t think I could ever go to that extreme to becoming 100% authentic eco-friendly and zero waste lifestyle. I decided rather then make the dramatic tradition to the mason jar, I wanted to take small steps to doing my part of keeping the earth healthy. I decided to decrease my purchase of to go cups and try to bring my own reusable cups when out. I bring my own shopping bags to the grocery store so I don’t collects masses of plastic bags, but if I do forget I reuse those plastic bags as trash bags or recycle them. I also have started a recycle bin at my house since we don’t have a recycle trash can provided. I’ve found a local recycle center that you can take and distributed all your recyclables there. I have also started to reuse glass jars I buy such as apple sauce jars into loose tea containers. Choose a way to make you mark, small steps with make the world of a different and then hopefully you can make a ripple effect.

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