Mission Work Runs Through My Veins

When I think of the word missions, my mind automatically thinks of going out into rural areas in third world country spreading the love of Jesus through helping locals both physically and spiritually. People tend to think that in order to be a “missionary” you need to rough it in a third world country while reaching out to the poorest of poor. Although this is a huge need in the world to reach those who haven’t heard of the gospel or desperately need access to health care, you can still show the love of Jesus through your every day life to those around you.  Being able to help heal individuals health will ultimately open them up to a friendship with you and Christ. My passion for missions is beep in my veins, rooting all the way back to my Great Uncle Gus in Borneo, who built an orphanage and gained wholesome relationship with locals through showing characteristics of Jesus love. My grandparents spent all the years of my dads childhood in South America doing missions work in Chile and Argentina. Now for my generation my parent moved to the island of Guam in Micronesia to work at the dental and health clinic. My dad was a huge asset to preventing diabetes on the islands while given the highest honor by the governor of being an honorary Chamorro (the island locals). My family is no longer living on Guam but I believe that my dad especially has continued his mission in healing the body both physically and spiritually in his work at his own business called Youngberg Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. I have following in my families footsteps by doing both long and short term mission trips. Currently, my mission is in the Student Missions Office at Walla Walla University, helping send a bit of love to WWU’s current Student Missionaries all around the world. I do this by sending packages full of hard to find items in their locations also sending them photos and notes from their friends back home. I love being involved in missions  and helping other who are current, potential, and returned missionaries.

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