First Week of School

Hey guys! So my first week of school started off congested and coughing from getting the flu the last week of Christmas Break. Luckily DayQuil and NyQuil came to the rescue to get me through my full day of classes and work at the Student Missions Office. I just had to get through Thursday and then Friday I would be free, due to my beautiful schedule this Winter quarter with no classes on Friday. This quarter I am in all Design and Art classes which is excited but very time consuming. People don’t realize how much time is put into Graphic and Industrial Design classes, I spend most of my days in the MacLab in the CTC.

Tuesday and Thursday’s consists of working in Student Missions Mailings and Pottery in the evenings. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? This week in Mailings I have been getting together Valentine’s Day supplies for note tables to put all around campus for Global Citizenship Week. I found a bunch of punny Valentine’s grams at the Dollar Tree, for example on one of them its a picture of a Sloth that says “Let’s Hang Out” and other has a cactus that says “I’d Pick You”. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday rooting from my Elementary School days where I came home with bags of candy from all my classmates.

Besides my Pottery class and job at Missions, I actually do have some classes that involve projects and homework. On Mondays and Wednesday’s I start my classes at 9, so yay for sleeping in, sorry for those who have 8am classes. Then I go straight until 5pm with a lunch break in-between. My design classes are in 2 hours spans so I have Web Design, Digital Imaging, and Design Principles twice a week. I am also taking a Design Practicum this quarter which it 2 credits assigned to my own design work, where I can choose what I want to design for ANYTHING! I still am trying to figure about what exactly I wold like to make my project, maybe a tea advertisement poster series or maybe a eco-friendly promotional pamphlet. What should I design? Any suggestions or ideas

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