Finger Painter Transforms into a Digital Artist

I love to get my hands dirty. Quiet literally actually, in Elementary school I would make mud pies with my neighborhood friends and finger paint to my hearts content mixing all the colors in my possession. In school the only thing I felt drawn to or good at was the arts and crafts part of a class or project. I lived for Friday‚Äôs when my 6th grade teacher taught us art for a section of the day. Instead of taking notes during lectures in middle school all the way up to my time in college, I often would zone out and doodle on the open space on my homework sheet. In high school I was finally able to take an actual art class where my art teacher, Mr. Bob, became one of my most valued mentors. He let me expand my crazy ideas in sculptures, murals, pottery, and much more. However, there was this burden that sat on my shoulders for years even going into college where I didn’t know how to incorporate my passion for art in a career. I knew if I studied art, I would be forever a starving artist causing me to stray away from anything to do with art in a career for a long time. I soon discovered design classes at Walla Walla University, that would go towards my Marketing Concentration in Business. I was finally in my element without even realizing it. People actually liked what I was making! I was good at it! Graphic Design was an artist way of making a career, and I was ready to take the leap into this barren path. I finally found was I was looking for. I was created to create after all.

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