Class Project—Winter, 2019


Blue Mountain Action Council (BMAC), is a nonprofit, multipurpose agency, serving residents in Southeastern Washington to build thriving communities. Offer opportunities for individuals and families to achieve greater levels of strength, independence, and self-sufficiency. My team was presented with the challenge to rebrand BMAC.


Classmate, Sophie Bailey, was the Creative Director, who developed the logo and brand identity. I was the Art Director for this project and the point person to communicate directly with our client. Together we created and produced a complete rebrand.


The need for a complete rebrand and revised mission statement that more effectivly communicates the services available to their target audience in the community.


Reseraching what BMAC does for the community and capturing the essence of their mission with a rebrand of BMAC’s logo and marketing materials.


BMAC’s main three departments are food distribution, employment, and housing. The three vertical dots used to anchor the logo illustrate and highlight the three pillars of BMAC. The logo also illustrates the extensive list of services as demonstrated by adding one more dot to a colon. The colors are inspired by the Walla Walla Valley Blue Mountains and agriculture.