Bangla Hope

Senior Project—School year, 2018-19


Bangla Hope is a non-profit orphanage that provides a safe place to live, study, work, play and learn about God who loves them. For my senior project I was presented with the opportunity to fully rebrand Bangla Hope’s identity and marketing materials. 


Outdated logo and marketing materials that don’t fully illustrate the impact they have in the Bangladesh community.


Create a fresh look that is versatile and captures an essence of hope. To develop a cohesive brand identity throughout their organization.


In the logo, the larger hand on the left illustrates Bangla Hope’s  nurturing characteristics to the children of Bangladesh. The movement implied by the orientation of the hands was conceptualized from how a sari is traditional worn by Bangla women. The pink color used for the smaller hand of the logo follows the founders love of pink to the extent that she painted the entire orphanage a similar shade of pink.